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The Preamble ( With unforeseen increases and in the same instances with cuts, delay in response with the queries. Confusions and unmanageable channel fares don’t get their fair share of justice with traditional cable TV. But then came to boon called Streaming Television (or Streaming TV/ Internet TV).The idea came into being in the mid 2000’s.  With an option to acquire Free as well as Paid Channels, this was a new sort of gift to mankind. Yet again, the only glitch in this was that they were available only on PC’s where internet was available. 

Setup Roku TV - Most Watched Streaming Channels

Then the story changed with the introduction of streaming devices. In 2007, the change began with the announcement of Apple’s first generation streaming box. The very next year in 2008 ROKU ( had stepped into the market, with their initial cohort of the ROKU streaming device set. This marked the very revolution of online TV being made available to the general public. This is due to the less complexity in handling the ROKU products (, as well as their acceptability on multiple platforms too. To this day Apple is the biggest competitor of ROKU in this specific trade.

Living the ROKU life (

Now it’s quite safe to say that, even if you don’t own a Television set these days, watching TV is a no problem. Technology and its branches is going so fast paced that internet brings you TV at your doorstep. Without going through and managing the traditional cable networks. Their ever increasing charges and other stuff, Online Streaming Services comes as a boon like rain in the core desert. So here we proposition with your ever dutiful ROKU…

Let’s just see what ROKU has to offer. As said earlier, ROKU ( is not just a service of online streaming entertainment but it encompasses a whole world of

  1. ROKU streaming gadgets (Stick, Players, TV, remotes etc).
  2. ROKUBranded TV sets.
  3. ROKUSoftware (OS (for own branded players), Apps etc).
  4. ROKU Channels (Content, Service, Entertainment etc).

It should be interesting to note here that, from the date of its initial release in 2008 the ROKU player is currently in its 7th generation. This has been released in 2018 and is in the process of further development in the coming years. The greatest part that keeps the customers of ROKU glued to the brand is that, with it you get everything and yet has an option to choose the components separately. These and everything else comes under the brand title of ROKU bought to you by ROKU Incorporated (ROKU Inc.). 

The way ROKU works in general is that they have partnered with various entertainment providers like Netflix, HULU, Showtime Anytime, Amazon-on-Demand etc. and many more entertainment, sports and the news caster inclusions. This makes ROKU have an easy time with providing an uninterrupted flow of what viewers demand. Although it’s common knowledge that ROKU ( is an internet based platform of overhaul, there is more to it. It should interest our keen customers that a ROKU device works when it takes delivery of the information all the way through a source of an uninterrupted internet connection (wired or Wi-Fi) through a router. The resulting received data is then bought out by the use of an audio cable (or a HDMI straight connector in some cases). Get more info on

ROKU has partnered worldwide so all the encoding and content bank for the ROKU appliances are made obtainable from numerous international suppliers. 

The ROKU set up (

likability, the easiness to navigate and the overall appeal of ROKU services are making more and more people are drawn to ROKU to be their recreational partner.  The best offer by ROKU is that it has an instant streaming feature from Netflix with an array of classic soaps and film library. This also includes the most recent nail biting features and indefinite list of choices (Television, Sports and Movies included).  This feature not only limits to that of the former partner but services from the likes of Amazon-on-demand, HULU, Spotify, HBO GO etc are quiet tempting. With these comes the main attraction: the inclusion of free channels and pay channels. Although the free ones are limited, they are in huge demand. More over with paying a small amount, what you get is a long endless list to an enticing record of shows, movies and informative line up.

Connecting with 

As the saying goes: Why the wait? Better now than be late!!! Get set and be ready to catch on the shows that you have missed; be updated with the ones that have informational abundance for you; get going with the latest updates of your fine likes. That’s what ROKU has to offer you. The following steps will help you in getting set-up with activating the link ‘’ to live the large ROKU life.

  • Starting with

As said earlier and stated above ROKU and its services are entirely internet based. Whether you operate it through a TV, a PC or a Mobile App or any other device, a strong internet connection is at absolute requirement. You can do that with either an uninterrupted Wi-Fi link or a strong Ethernet connectivity. Once the internet set up is established, make sure that your device of operation is ready to be connected too. The steps that follow will help you in starting with the ROKU link:

  1. In the beginning, you should make sure that the link is at your immediate disposal. Without this link you will not be able to move forward.
  2.  To access the link, open your device that you will be using (PC or a mobile gadget). Access your browser page and type in in the space to enter the URL. You can also type it in the search bar and the result will guide you to the right page. 

*(Sometimes, the link might have some problems due to heavy data traffic to the website. In such cases your Google generated result will help you in reaching the right site.)

  1. For the next pace, enter the ROKU code that you see on the device. (The Link Code section will help you in knowing about this more). This code connects you with the device you are using and your ROKU account.
  2. With this code you proceed to log-in if you are an existing user. If a first time customer the next section will help you in setting up your account.

  • Creating the roku com link account

It’s already mentioned above that the link is very necessary to start streaming the services of ROKU. Having acquired the code, a by now present user can continue using their account as theirs had just to be re-activated. But a new user has to have a personalized account for their use in an uninterrupted way. Let’s look below to see how to create an account using the

  1. As brought up above, open the link in the browser that you are using.
  2. In the Sign-up/Sign-in area use a valid email-id to open your account. After that create a strong password that will not be easily detectable to anyone other than you. 

(It is always a great idea that your password can’t be found out by anybody other than you and the people whom you share it with. It’s the customer’s responsibility that they keep their code safe as the whole working of the ROKU account depends on this key). 

  1. In creating a strong password, special characters like &, $, @, *, ^, %, # etc can be used so that it can build a strong lock word.
  2. You have to enter your account details for setting up the payment and transaction line and to make safe the PIN. 
  3. With having done all these, you will now be able to synchronize your ROKU TV/Device with your preferred shows and the channels they are available on. 
  4. An interesting fact with the ROKU TV is that it can be controlled with the ROKU Mobile App too besides by means of the remote that comes along with the package. The App can be downloaded (from the Google store/iTunes store) on your mobile.
  5. The ROKU Mobile App has other advantages too. You can use it for features like ‘private listening’, spot your preferred shows/movies, check for updates and announcements etc. 

A note to remember: We have minimal issues at ROKU. But with the technical stuff nothing can be full proof. Small errors and confusions might crop up once in a blue moon. So if you begin to face any troubles like glitches with creating the account or the link itself going a bit on the wrong side, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always will say that our experts are ready at your service and no matter how small the problem is, you are anytime welcome to clarify it with them. The ROKU Toll Free Number is there for your help.

Once the account for ROKU is created (with the payment done), it is time for the activation. To go ahead activating the ROKU device too is in the conditions. So to activate your link with the ROKU code, we are detailing the steps below for the ease in the process.

  • Start the link: with the ROKU Code
  1. It’s time now to connect your ROKU account with the device (you are enjoying ROKU with).
  2.  After connecting the device to the user account, the logistics of the report will automatically search in the registered database for the information regarding your ROKU device (as it is registered with our record archive now).
  3. Once your ROKU device is located, you are now free to add, remove or mark the channels.

(Please keep in mind that all channels are not free. More information of the free/subscribe feature will be revealed when you select your particular choice. It’s up to you to add the free or on-demand channels).

  1. In the mean time your TV/Mobile device screen will indicate to activate your 

(Onc ethe payment is done, you will receive a code like RKITVCD89 (please notice this code is just an example and bears no resemblance to the actual code)

  1. With the code received, you can now proceed to visit the official ROKU link- and punch in the code. A set of directions will follow. Please make sure you go through them clearly for a glitch free enjoyment of your ROKU life.
  2. Finally, after the code is set in the greeting display pops up indicating that you have been productively set-up with your ROKU account.

A note to remember: We all long for an inexhaustible flow of fun and repose with whatever entertainment we are hooked-up with. So with ROKU the same applies. We have a tip for that. 

  • Make sure the user has a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  •  Also, a second option of a mobile phone/tablet/PC/laptop is also desirable so that if the TV decides not to work properly, you can grab on to the backup plan (Even though this is not a must, having a plan B gives you rest when the former goes wrong).
  • Also using a good-speed HDMI cable to connect your ROU streaming gadget to your TV is the best thing.

With the activation and the set-up complete, things should go smooth now. But if there are any doubts, confusions or clarifications, please feel free to contact our toll free customer care number.

Our word to be with ROKU

Technology is a mighty power. It has the strength to change the world and at the same time maintain the substance to our existence too. But as much as it is non-distortable, the technology and its ongoing innovations sometimes have their moments of weaknesses too. 

  • There at times will crop up a small broken link, a tiny missing code or a freezing instant. It is mainly due to the fact that many people use it at the same time. This will result in the software, services or even the device to congeal up
  • In situations of any such unlucky happenings, ROKU’s very abled team of professionals is there at your constant service.  

Follow these Simple Steps to Activate and setup roku. If you still have problems, while activating roku you can contact Roku customer service or you can contact us for paid support.

After all we value your time, as we all are part of a one big ROKU family.

The ROKU Toll Free Helpline: